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Destroyer 6E Roadrunner Building Tutorial by welcometothedarksyde Destroyer 6E Roadrunner Building Tutorial by welcometothedarksyde
Here it is, thanks to the persistence of :iconacehatanakorosu: I completely forgot about this before you reminded me. Also sorry for typo, It is Destroyer 6 not 9. Hopefully it is sufficiently clear.
Part 1: Main Body
1. Engine.
2. Armor mountings, shows one of the side mountings disassembled.
3. Armor
4. Completed main body.
Part 2: Chassis
5. Most confusing step. The finished side piece from the opposite side is shown. x2 lift arms need to be oriented in the opposite fashion from each other to work. It will make more sense if you try to build it.
6. Put a wheel between the side skirts.
7. Rear wheel assembly.
8. Put the whole shebang together.
9. Attach body to chassis.
Part 3: Finished Product
10. If anyone has built one you'll quickly notice you need to adjust the armor to sit right and not obstruct the wheels, otherwise you're done.
11. But it doesn't stop there, you want one in blue!? You got it in blue! I later changed the silver front armor to black because it looks better.
12. That's right! Also in green! You could potentially make this thing in a plethora of colors (limited mostly to the seven Rakshi colors).
13. Bonus step! Insert an antennae into that pinhole to allow for a deployable speed brake.

Well, that is how you build one of my most well received MOCs ever. I hope people enjoy it's insides as much as they enjoyed the outside.
AceHatanaKorosu Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes finally thank you im going to make this now
welcometothedarksyde Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Great! :D
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